Five-Star Content for a Five-Star Resort – Our Hotel Web Copy for Vila Vita Parc

As travel writers, we have stayed in more than our fair share of hotels. And we are no strangers to writing about them either, whether that be a magazine feature about the experience of staying in a luxury hotel, a blog about vineyard resorts, a press release announcing the launch of a new boutique hotel or even an industry-focused advice piece on creating and maintaining hotel blogs.

Most recently, we were tasked with creating engaging and informative website copy for Vila Vita Parc, a luxury five-star resort in the Algarve, Portugal. Having recently redone their website, Vila Vita Parc were keen to refresh their content, so we got to work ensuring the words on their site did this beautiful beach resort justice. In total, World Words re-worked more than 5,000 words across the Vila Vita Parc website. To give you a taster, we have included just a few short extracts from the final draft below…

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How to Edit Travel Content Like a Pro

Writers get the glory and the byline. Editors rarely get a mention. Yet their role in creating great content is vital.

For some, the process of writing seems to be effortless, a natural gift. Their prose is engaging, witty, evocative and always clear. But the chances are you are reading their end product. What if you were to see their first draft?

It might come as a surprise to learn that even the most talented of writers don’t always get it right first time round. First drafts are frequently lacking finesse, and it takes significant refinement to make them absolutely perfect.

Most top publications and blogs have professional editors to tweak and fine-tune their content — to give it a little nip and tuck where needed. Other writers and bloggers have to edit themselves, which can prove a lot more difficult. Editing is not an easy feat — it’s time-consuming and draining — but it is a necessary one. Not editing your travel content is like bypassing quality checks. Without doing it, the results can be embarrassing or, even worse, damaging to your brand. Fortunately, there are techniques and tips that can help you with the process.

So whether you’re a travel writer looking to improve your own editing skills, or a travel brand trying to ensure that the content you receive from writers is the best it can be, here’s our eight-point checklist for editing travel content.

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Seven Very Handy Travel Writing Habits

Good written travel content is the result of three main factors: an interesting idea, solid research and great writing. Attaining these goals is easier than you think; it’s all about the habits you form. Just as bad habits can ensure bad content, developing good habits can ensure consistency and quality throughout your written travel content.

Here are seven habits that we think are well worth forming…


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Five Tips for Effective Content Editing

In content, editing is everything. The writers may have the ideas and put them down on the page, often with great panache, spot-on metaphors and a killer turn of phrase, but even the best can benefit from an editor. Editors will translate writers’ shrewd observations and wandering thoughts into the best and most readable version possible.

The best travel content inspires its readers. For travel publications, that means keeping the reader captivated with a compelling narrative, while for travel companies it’s about inspiring readers to the point of purchase. In every case, editing is an essential way to ensure your content does its job as well as it possibly can.

Hot on the heels of our previous blog, a checklist for editing travel content, we’ve come up with five more pieces of advice to ensure the effectiveness of your editing process. So scroll down to read our expert editing advice…

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