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When it comes to choosing new writers for World Words, we are incredibly picky. We are dedicated to producing written travel content of the highest quality for our clients, so anybody wishing to join the World Words team must be an experienced professional writer with extensive travel experience. Here is a full list of criteria for applicants:

  • Experienced. You are an accomplished, long-standing journalist and/or copywriter with a portfolio of written content for the travel sector, such as magazine feature articles, travel guides, blog posts and website copy.
  • Published. You can demonstrate your vast experience contributing to major travel and lifestyle publications, including travel magazines, national newspapers, country/city guidebooks and travel/tourism brands.
  • Well-travelled. You have a passion for travelling, with extensive personal travel experience across at least three different continents. Ideally, you’ll also have lived abroad for some time.
  • Logophilic. You’re a master of the language; a native English speaker with a passion for words, aware of the variations in spelling, terminology and style between British and American English, and able to write in both.
  • Skilled. As well as possessing superb writing, proofreading and editing skills, you are also able to display other key journalistic skills including researching, phone interviewing and photo sourcing.
  • Reliable. You have a track record of following briefs to the letter and always delivering work to deadline.
  • Independent. You’re able to work remotely on a freelance basis, and can be flexible with your availability.


Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a freelance contributor with World Words.

  • A set rate. Each project comes with a set rate that roughly equates to £20 per hour. As experienced writers and editors ourselves, we understand how long jobs are likely to take – and we know it’s not as simple as deciding fees based on word count. So we will factor in all elements of a brief – from researching, interviewing and photo sourcing to the quality of writing required – into our rates. So a 1000-word travel magazine feature (which requires journalistic excellence) will always pay more than a 1,000-word blog post for a travel agency.
  • No obligation. You will be offered new work with World Words on a project-by-project basis, so if you are unavailable to take on a project due to other commitments, you are free to turn it down.
  • Flexibility. There’s no fixed contract with World Words, so if you find you’re available for one day’s work one week but can take on three days’ work the next, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.
  • Regular work. World Words already has a large client base, which has grown year on year, so our contributors are regularly offered repeat and/or ongoing projects.
  • No admin. World Words secures new clients, pitches new ideas and makes any of the minor edits requested by clients, saving you those hours of tedious admin usually associated with freelance work.
  • Exposure. You’ll write for major travel clients, from international magazines to major travel brands, providing a boost to your CV and portfolio. And we do all the networking and marketing for you.
  • Quick payment. You will invoice for completed work at the end of each month and guaranteed to be paid within 28 days (it’s usually less).
  • Work from home. You can complete World Words projects wherever you are and whenever you want.


Here are some of the most common questions asked by new World Words contributors.

What is World Words?

World Words is an expert travel content writing agency. In fact, we are the only content agency that exclusively specialises in travel writing. Our in-house team of travel writers and editors works with freelance travel writers to produce high quality travel content for our clients. Here’s some more salesy stuff about World Words.

What do you do?

We create original travel content that informs, instructs and inspires, from feature articles that get travellers talking to destination guides that shape adventures. Here are just some of the writing and editing services we provide.

What would I be writing?

World Words calls on its freelance contributors for a wide range of travel writing projects. As a writer, you could be producing print and web feature articles, blog articles, city and country guides, tour itineraries, audio tour scripts, SEO website copy and more besides. You may also be called on for proofreading and editing.

Any examples of your work?

Yes, you can see a limited portfolio of our work on our projects page.

Who are your clients?

We write for several clients across the travel sector. Current and previous clients include luxury travel magazines, national newspapers, travel agents, tour companies, airlines, tourist boards, cruise liners, car rental firms, city hotels, beach resorts, sightseeing attractions and travel apps. Here are some of our current clients.

Is there much work?

Potentially, yes. We will approach you on a project-by-project basis, so if we like your work and you are regularly available, there could be lots of work for you. Alternatively, if you have other commitments during the week and just want to take on the odd job when available, that’s fine.

Where is the job located?

Wherever you are. This is a remote freelance position, so you choose where and when to work. As long as you are easily contactable and can complete briefs to deadline (without exception), we’ll be happy.

What’s the commitment?

There’s no fixed commitment. We approach you with new projects as they come in, and you’re free to accept or turn them down according to your availability. Though of course the writers who are more regularly available are likely to be the first in line for new work.

How do I get new work?

Once you are signed up as a World Words contributor, we will consider you for all new projects that come in. If we think you are the best candidate for a particular job, we’ll send a detailed brief outlining the project, the set rate and the deadline. If you’re free and willing, you can accept the project and get started immediately.

What are the deadlines like?

Every job is different, so deadlines vary dramatically. However, we generally like to get work to clients as quickly as possible, so be prepared to write to relatively tight turnaround times.

Are the deadlines strict?

Yes, very strict. We expect writers to deliver their work on or before the deadline, every time. Meeting deadlines without exception is a prerequisite for working with World Words.

How much do you pay?

Our set rates vary per job. But it roughly works out at £20 GBP per hour, factoring in time spent for non-writing activities like research, photo sourcing and interviewing. So, as a rough guide, a formulaic 500-word blog post might pay £40, while a high quality magazine article of the same length might pay £100.

How do you work out the set rates?

We use the extensive experience and knowledge of our in-house writing team, as well as feedback from our freelancers, to work out a fair and honest rate for every job.

How often would I be paid?

Every month. At the end of each month, you’ll send us an invoice detailing all the projects completed since your last invoice. This will be paid within 28 days of the invoice deadline.

What currencies can I be paid in?

We make all payments in British pounds sterling (GBP), so require invoices in this currency. We can either pay these by UK bank transfer or via Paypal (funds will be sent in GBP but can be converted into other currencies).

How do I apply?

Still sure you have what it takes? Then send in your application using the form below.

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