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Getting off to a Great Start: How to Write a Winning Travel Writing Opener

Never underestimate the power of a good opening line. First paragraphs — even just first sentences — will dictate your reader engagement. While the headline hooks your reader’s attention, it’s the introduction that reels them in.

Travel writing relies heavily on storytelling (we spoke about this already in a previous blog post), but it’s important to remember that good stories don’t always begin at the beginning.

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Private Party Island Escapes for 2015

As the New Year is fast approaching, we have been busy writing a number of seasonal travel blogs, articles and destination guides for a wide variety of travel clients. Our festive travel content writing has ranged from this blog on Christmas activities in southwest England to this microsite about how to enjoy a winter sun cruise this season.

But when it comes to complete luxury, it’s hard to beat our feature article about partying on private islands…

Produced by us for the very first issue of Private Air New York Magazine (Winter 2014/2015) – a new publication spin-off by our long-term client Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine – it was published in early December 2014.

The article focuses on eight of the most beautiful and exclusive private islands in the world, covering everywhere from Fiji to The Bahamas, Zambia to Cambodia, and the kind of New Year’s Eve parties you could enjoy on them.

Fancy being whisked off to another world of exclusive luxury? Then scroll down to read the article now…

24. Laucala Island Peninsula Villa (2640 x 1760)

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The Importance of Editing Your Travel Content: Our Eight Expert Editing Tips

Writers get the glory and the byline. Editors rarely get a mention. Yet their role is vital.

For some, the process of writing seems to be effortless, a natural gift. Their prose is engaging, witty, evocative and always clear. But chances are you’re reading the end product. What if you were to see their first draft?

It might come as a surprise to learn that even the most talented writers don’t get it right first time round. First drafts are frequently sloppy and muddled. It takes some refinement to make them great.14288135_05fd9e848a_o Continue reading