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Writing Travel Content? How to Invent New Ideas and Fresh Angles Every Time

In the world of travel writing, a never-before-covered story is the holy grail. Whether you are a magazine editor looking for the next big thing in travel or a tourism brand trying to ensure your blog stands out from the crowd, you find yourself on a never-ending quest for new, original ideas. Or, at the least, a fresh take on an older story.

So how do you sniff out a good travel story? Anyone who has ever tried will testify it isn’t easy; but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We drew on the experience of our travel writing team to come up with some helpful tips.

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Travel Writing Clichés to Avoid – Part 2

Clichés are rampant in travel writing. Melting pots, best-kept secrets and cities of contrasts proliferate. And while we believe these phrases can, on occasion, merit an airing, we can’t help but feel that some travel writers are simply choosing the path of least resistance – inserting these familiar and frequently used phrases rather than seizing an opportunity to be creative. We previously listed our dirty dozen of travel clichés on the blog, but that was only the beginning. Now’s the time to share even more worthy additions to the canon of travel writing cliché.

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Inspiring Iceland: A Photography Tour Itinerary Written for Photo Xpeditions

Our team at World Words are regularly enlisted to write tempting travel itineraries for an array of tour providers. One such client is PhotoXpeditions, who run photography workshops, taking participants out to incredible destinations all over the world to hone their photographic skills under the guidance of a photographic pro. We’ve completed quite a few enticing tour itineraries for Photo Xpeditions in the past, writing about photography-focused tours of places such as Japan and Myanmar.

Among the recently published itineraries produced by our expert travel writers was this ‘Inspiring Iceland’ photography workshop. With its raw and dramatic landscapes, hot springs and cool cities, Iceland has endless lens fodder. Plus, it’s one of the main filming locations for the incredibly popular ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series – few destinations are more in vogue among travellers right now. So Photo Xpeditions asked us to take a look at their existing itinerary, tidy up what was already there and add lots more interesting information off our own back.

We’ve published an excerpt from the itinerary below to give you a taster of what the tour will include.

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