Once Upon a Time: How to Tell a Great Story in Your Written Travel Content

From first-person adventure articles in travel magazines to storytelling TV adverts for tourism brands, narrative has always played an important role in travel content writing. Just laying out the cold hard facts doesn’t always do the trick – even the most avid of travellers need a little inspiration and encouragement to visit a new place, try a new service or buy a new product; being told to do so isn’t enough. That’s where telling a compelling story can help.

Read on for examples of great travel narratives, and advice on how to use storytelling in your own content writing.

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The Best Type of Travel Blog? Here are 10

As any successful travel writer knows, creating an engaging travel blog or online article is not as easy as simply typing out your unedited thoughts. If you want to lure in readers and attract web traffic, you’ll need a better plan.

It goes without saying that quality is paramount. At the same time, most travel writers don’t have the luxury of just sitting around and waiting for that ‘lightbulb’ moment. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your written travel content or for new formats to shake up your blog, here are 10 types of travel blogs that help increase web traffic.

Don’t just sit around waiting for inspiration

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Writing Travel Content? How to Invent New Ideas and Fresh Angles Every Time

In the world of travel writing, a never-before-covered story is the holy grail. Whether you are a magazine editor looking for the next big thing in travel or a tourism brand trying to ensure your blog stands out from the crowd, you find yourself on a never-ending quest for new, original ideas. Or, at the least, a fresh take on an older story.

So how do you sniff out a good travel story? Anyone who has ever tried will testify it isn’t easy; but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We drew on the experience of our travel writing team to come up with some helpful tips.

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Once Upon a Time: The Importance of Good Storytelling in Travel Writing

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, when the John Lewis Christmas advert has people all around the country reaching for their hankies. Viewers tune in their thousands and they know what they’re going to get: a stripped-down cover of a classic pop number by some young up-and-comer, a cute animal and a gentle tug on the heartstrings that — depending on your tolerance for this sort of thing — stops just short of cloying sentimentality. Why do people love it so much? Because it’s a familiar, well-executed story.

Whether you’ve fallen for Monty the Penguin’s charms or not, there is something to be said for the John Lewis method. Good storytelling works and not just in retail. In the travel industry, it’s especially important.

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