If You Like… A Blog Series for HomeAway

At World Words, we love writing travel blog content. And not just our own – for other companies too! So when we were contacted by the lovely people at HomeAway earlier this year to write a series of blogs, we were delighted.

We had previously written a selection of travel guides for the holiday rental company, but now they wanted us to develop something a bit different: three long-form blogs that would promote some of their more – in their eyes – underrated Asian destinations. They found that their customers regularly booked three big destinations – Tokyo, Singapore and Bali – but were less likely to book other equally-appealing cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Seoul.

So it was our job to promote those lesser-visited cities. The idea? A series of ‘If You Like…’ blogs, comparing the top destinations to some less popular ones. We wrote three blog pieces in total, and you can read them below…


If you like Singapore, you’ll love Dubai and Kuala Lumpur
Just a 50-minute flight away from Singapore, Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur shares many traits with its southern neighbour. Both promise bright lights, cutting-edge architecture, monumental malls, atmospheric street markets, historic monuments, distinctive cultural enclaves, verdant parks and busy hub airports with many tourists passing through. But don’t go to Kuala Lumpur expecting a carbon copy of Singapore. KL, as the locals often call it, can’t boast of quite the same level of cleanliness as gleaming Singapore (though let’s face it, few big cities can). Nor is it quite as orderly (traffic and congestion remain big issues in KL). It is, however, every bit as dynamic and thrilling…

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If you like Tokyo, you’ll love Osaka and Seoul
There are many parallels to draw between the South Korean capital and Tokyo. For starters, they’re both massive supercities. They are both modern, neon-lit and packed with high-rises, but also house traditional temples, shrines and old-fashioned teahouses. They are the capitals of their respective countries, meaning they accumulate more people, brain power, wealth and resources than secondary cities. Both are economic hubs and cultural innovators in music, fashion and technology. So, if you are looking for somewhere with the same kind of youthful dynamism, innovational vibe and pulsing energy as Tokyo, but is very much culturally distinct, Seoul is an unbeatable option…

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If you like Bali, you’ll love Sri Lanka and Thailand
If you were smitten with Bali’s sun, surf and verdant interior landscapes, Sri Lanka will have you swooning too. This island off the south-eastern coast of India is 10 times the size of Bali, but is still small enough to feel intimate and manageable to explore. The larger area means there is plenty of space to accommodate visitors, and beaches are typically uncrowded. Because of its recent tumultuous history – large parts of the coast were devastated by the 2004 tsunami and the country’s bloody and long-running civil war only came to an end in 2009 – the tourist industry in Sri Lanka has been slow to grow and has yet to see the level of development or congestion as Bali…

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