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Have you ever wished your travel website was working just that little bit harder? Have you yearned for copy that’s beautifully written to catch the attention, while also getting your key sales messages across to the right audience?

That’s what Off the Map Travels wanted – and that’s why they came to World Words.

Off the Map Travels, a customised travel planning service set up by avid traveller Sara Nakash, asked us to create new website content that would engage their audience – an intrepid bunch looking for local culture, adventurous activities and a little bit of luxury too – and also clarify the key sales messages and increase the visibility of calls to action. We began by reworking the content that was already there, and then suggested our own new additions.

The new website has now gone live, so you can see the fruits of our labour by clicking here. Or for a taste of how our content works even without a fancy design, scroll down to read our copy for the homepage and ‘About’ page.




There is no fixed definition of a “traveller.” Some traverse the world to discover new destinations and extraordinary sights. Others travel to engage with locals and immerse themselves in foreign cultures and languages. And others venture off to fulfill personal passions, from art to history to gastronomy. Many travelers seek rest, relaxation and rejuvenation; many crave color, challenges and complexity.

At Off the Map Travels, we strongly believe that no two travelers are the same, so no two vacations should be either. Since 2011, we’ve been helping discerning travelers achieve their individual travel ambitions. From inspiration to implementation, our tailor-made travel planning services help create your desired trip every step of the way. Off-the-beaten-path destinations, one-of-a-kind experiences and second-to-none support: we supply everything you require for a unique, unforgettable vacation.

Get in touch today to see how we can help create the exclusive travel experience you deserve.

About page

Off the Map Travels was founded in 2011 with one aim: to make independent travel more fulfilling.

Putting together your own travel itinerary can be a real challenge. In today’s climate, it is difficult to distinguish the yet-to-be-discovered highlights from the all-too-common tourist traps; at least until it’s too late. But our expert knowledge and personal experience can help you get it right every time.

A boutique global network
We work one-on-one with independent travelers to ensure they get the most out of their trip. We offer expert advice, help plan and book your personalized travel adventure, and give you support during and after your trip. As a member of ATTA (the Adventure Travel and Trade Association), and as an Independent Agent for Travel Quest & TravelMakers, we have access to an exclusive network of global travel partners who can provide amazing experiences that are rarely – if ever – available to independent travelers.

Meet Sara Nakash
Off the Map Travels was set up by Sara Nakash; an independent and solo traveler with a passion for learning about varied cultures. She continues to travel the world (and her native USA), interacting with local communities, seeking out authentic meals, and collecting local musical instruments. Highlights of her recent travels include having her fortune read in kola nuts by a voodoo priest in Benin, taking part in the Trongsa Tshechu in Bhutan, and enjoying a home-cooked Native American meal in New Mexico.

If you’re looking for similarly unique experiences, Off the Map Travels can help. Contact us today.

Visit the Off the Map Travels site. Is your travel website in need of an overhaul? Contact World Words today.

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