High School Language Student Travel Itineraries for Educational Journeys

At World Words, we do all kinds of travel content writing, from web copy to destination guides, magazine articles to blog posts. But one of our favourite kinds of travel content to write is tour itineraries, as it gives us a chance to use a combination of our destination expertise, travel nous and research skills to do a deep-dive on destinations.

So when we were approached by the learning-focused travel agency Educational Journeys earlier this year, we were delighted. They wanted us to write a series of travel itineraries for Australian high school students. While the educational focus of the itineraries could vary from history to languages, they all required passionate and inspiring content that would appeal to teachers, parents and students alike. This was just the kind of challenge we relish.

Scroll forward to December 2019, and we have completed dozens of itineraries for Educational Journeys already, with more to come next year. For a taste of the work we are doing, scroll down for extracts from three itineraries…


This program immerses students in the French language, giving them the confidence to communicate in a real-world setting.

Beautiful Switzerland is the perfect base in which to enjoy French language lessons and be fully enveloped in the language. Students will embark on many adventures during this trip, exploring the lakeside towns and cities of Montreux, Lucerne and Lausanne, setting sail on Lake Geneva, and visiting cheese and chocolate factories. The trip begins and ends in Geneva, where students will gain an understanding of the important global work being done by the many organizations based there…

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Take a trip to the cradle of Western civilization on this 15-day tour of Greece.

From ancient sites in Athens to natural wonders in Kalambaka, beaches in Spetses to culture in Thessaloniki, there’s an immense amount to experience in this Mediterranean country. Students will see ancient sights they’ve read about in history class and learn about Greek mythology back where it began – all while getting a taste for a culture distinct from their own. Our trip begins in the capital Athens and ends in the port city of Thessaloniki, with four educational and exciting stops in between…

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New Caledonia makes for the perfect base for students to immerse themselves in the French language.

With swaying palms, turquoise seas, a rich cultural heritage, and French-inspired restaurants and boutiques, New Caledonia and its capital of Noumea are like a miniature Paris in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Students will get the opportunity to enjoy daily language lessons, gaining confidence and fluency as they embark on excursions to Amadee Island, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre and a visit to a local tribe. French influences are infused into the trip, whether it’s learning to cook French pastries or enjoying French cuisine in a traditional bistro. At the end of this experience students will leave with a newfound confidence in the French language, as well as deep understanding both of Pacific and French cultures…

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Educational Journeys is merely one of the many brands that we write travel itineraries for. You can find many more examples of our itinerary content here. Or keep up with all our latest projects by following us on Twitter.

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