More of Our Student Language Travel Itineraries for Educational Journeys

As anybody who read our previous portfolio blog will know, we were approached in 2019 by the learning-focused travel agency Educational Journeys to write a series of travel itineraries for Australian high school students. The itineraries would vary in educational subject, from languages to history, but each of them would require inspiring travel content that would appeal not only to grades-focused teachers and parents but also to fun-loving students.

Naturally, we accepted the challenge (the trickier, the better) and, as of mid-2020, we have completed dozens of itineraries for Educational Journeys. You can see three previous ones here. As such, we thought we would share a few more of our recent efforts. Scroll down to read extracts from itineraries to Indonesia, Vietnam and France…


The islands of Bali and Java are steeped in culture, traditions and natural beauty, and will be the destinations for this language immersion journey to Indonesia. Students will further their studies in the Bahasa language, speaking to local students and artisans as they discover ancient traditions and culture-filled towns. From Sanur on the coral-fringed coast of Bali to lush Ubud in the highlands, they’ll explore centuries-old temples and UNESCO-listed rice terraces. The island of Java presents new adventures, with traditional tea harvesting, Buddhist pilgrimage temples and Balinese cooking classes ensuring our students are fully immersed in the culture and language of Indonesia…

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Vietnam’s astounding natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and profound war history make for a truly immersive travel experience. Students will meet war veterans and climb into Viet Cong tunnels as they learn about how the Vietnam War shaped the country, and the role of the Australian troops in it. On our journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, our trip takes in the staggering geology and unparalleled natural beauty of Halong Bay and the Mekong River Delta, with plenty of opportunity to learn new skills, from cooking to Tai Chi, along the way. This is a trip that promises to unravel the deep-rooted culture and complex history of this extraordinary Southeast Asian country…

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France’s long artistic heritage is brought to life on this immersive tour of the country’s most beautiful towns and iconic cities. From Van Gogh’s Provence to Paris’ Louvre Museum, the landscape unfurls in a swirl of vineyards, olive groves, Renaissance cities and stunning architecture. Students will get the opportunity to improve upon their existing French language foundation, putting it into practice as they immerse themselves in everyday life. From cooking classes to guided tours, World War I memorials to cruises along the Seine, this is a journey of inspiration and heritage. Our trip takes us from Lyon to Avignon and Montpellier to Toulouse, before reaching beautiful Paris…

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Educational Journeys isn’t the only client for whom we write travel itineraries. You’ll find many more examples of our itinerary content right here. You can also keep up with all our latest projects by following us on Twitter.

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