Eight Grammar Rules Made to Be Broken

Scroll to the comments section of any online travel article and chances are you will find the grammar police up in arms. Yet not all grammar rules are inviolable laws. The truth is, language is malleable and constantly evolving. Perfect grammar may be the ideal, but when it comes to travel content writing, clear communication is preferable.

Good writing is about communication with an audience, so good writers should not blindly follow syntactic rules at the expense of clarity. Here are a just a few anti-grammar tips to help you improve your travel writing technique.


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Just What Makes Great Travel Writing Work? Analysing Writers’ Techniques

Before one can be a great travel writer, one must learn to be a great travel reader. To read voraciously and linger over the words; relish, absorb and reflect on what it is that makes great travel writing work. Found a travel article that you love? Analyse its effect – a strong feeling, a vivid image – and then pinpoint how the writer achieved it.

By examining the techniques employed in the best travel prose, aspiring travel writers can acquire new skills and help attune their own ear to the rhythms and melodies of good writing. To illustrate the many benefits of studying others’ work, we have deconstructed a selection of praiseworthy travel writing passages. Scroll down to read on.

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Avoiding Writer’s Block: How To Keep Your Travel Content Flowing Freely

Content, content, content. Quality travel content is in hot demand. Google is constantly on the hunt for it and so too are social media users. But how can you generate quality content day after day, week after week, month after month? When faced with a blank screen and — even worse — a blank mind, the prospect can be a little daunting.

What will I write about now? What will resonate with readers? As professional travel writers, these are questions we ask ourselves regularly. Letting the idea bank run dry is simply not an option. Nor is waiting for creativity to strike because, as any writer will attest, inspiration is nothing if not tardy.

Fortunately, there are ways and means of keeping content flowing and combating the dreaded content drought. Drawing on the broad experiences of our expert travel writers at World Words, we’ve come up with six tried-and-tested techniques that will help you generate fresh and engaging content ideas. Wave writer’s block goodbye…

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12 Travel Writing Clichés to Avoid

Everyone has their personal peccadilloes about travel writing terms like ‘off the beaten path’ or ‘sun-drenched’, but individual qualms shouldn’t mean a blanket ban on these phrases. These may be overused clichés, but sometimes — to borrow another particularly well-worn cliché — they hit the nail on the head.

However, there are some words and formulaic travel phrases that are so overused, they are positively exhausted. Many of them are churned out so regularly in travel writing that they have lost all meaning, and no longer register with readers. And yet, thanks to writerly laziness, these hackneyed phrases keep cropping up again and again.

We’ve named and shamed 12 of the worst offenders below; our own dirty dozen of travel writing clichés.


Not a quaff

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