Feeling All Summery: A Selection of Our Best Summer Travel Content (Part One)

It’s the end of June, and summer is well and truly upon us. So it’s time to share some great summer travel content.

For many of us, summer is synonymous with holidays – the warmer the weather, the more we yearn to get out of the city and head down to the beach – so we’ll start with a pair of destination guides we wrote for two of Southern Europe’s finest summer seaside getaways. First up is Puglia, Italy’s stunning destination du jour, and next is Spain’s sand-lined Costa Blanca, where toasty summer temperatures have been drawing in sun worshippers for decades.

Alternatively, if you dream of spending your summer the way wealthy tycoons and celebrities do (i.e. lounging on the deck of a luxury yacht), you may want to read the article we wrote on Palma’s superyacht scene. And for those who don’t have the budget, holiday time or inclination to venture to the Mediterranean, we’ve also included a rundown of country-wide UK summer events, as well as a blog post we penned on summer festivals in Devon.

There’s a great selection of our best summer-themed travel content below, so scroll on down to start reading…


Puglia Travel Guide, Oliver’s Travels
As the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia has hundreds of miles of coastline, so it’s no surprise that beaches are its main draw. But to focus solely on the region’s 400 kilometres of sand, lovely as so much of it is, would be a disservice. The raw natural beauty of the countryside, the Baroque architecture of the cities, the unfussy trattorias…
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Costa Blanca Travel Guide, Oliver’s Travels
If you crave the relaxed simplicity of a sun, sea and sand holiday then the Costa Blanca is a dream destination. Mile upon mile of Blue-Flag beaches stretch along an azure sea, and the region’s resorts are pros at providing everything you and the family might need. There is entertainment galore, exhilarating theme parks…
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Palma Superyachts, Luxe
It is officially summer, which means that in sleek marinas all around the Mediterranean, gleaming superyachts and powerboats of all shapes and sizes will be lined up like anchovies in a tin. Many of the world’s high rollers will be spending a good portion of their summer afloat, mooring their yachts in marinas the length…
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Summer Events, Chef and Brewer
Don’t miss The Flying Spectacular at Barton’s Point Coastal Park on 9th and 10th July. Organised by the Barton’s Point Model Flying Club, this free fun family weekend in 2016 has more excitement, thrills and dare-devilry than ever before. You can enjoy aerial displays choreographed by the UK’s leading pilots…
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Summer Fun: Festival Season in Devon
Summer is festival season. In Devon, those precious warm months are packed with celebrations and fun. In fact, there’s rarely a weekend when something isn’t happening. There is food to be eaten, beers to be drunk and live music to be listened to, as well as sports, literary and maritime events to attend…
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Keen to read more of our summer-themed travel content? You can expect to see even more seasonal pieces on the World Words blog, as well as in our latest writing projects and on our Twitter feed in the coming weeks.

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