The Black Forest to Southern Chile: Even More New Destination Guides for Expedia

A couple of weeks ago, on this very blog, we revealed that we’d had brand new destination guides published by Expedia. What’s more, we gave you previews of three of these published pieces: Southwest Washington, Western Nicaragua and the Isle of Skye. The truth is, we’ve been writing literally hundreds of new guides for Expedia over the last few months, so on reflection, we feel we shortchanged you. Therefore, we’ve decided to add a few more.

Take a look below and you will find three more brand new Expedia destination guides written by the World Words team. The geographical spread of these is just as stark as our previous selection, taking us everywhere from the heart of Germany’s Black Forest in Europe to the south of Chile in Central America. So scroll down to take a look.



Find long-held traditions, quaint towns and vistas of spectacular natural beauty in the heart of Germany’s fairy-tale forest.

The Central Black Forest region contains all the charming culture and stunning wilderness that makes the wider Black Forest area such a popular destination. Discover its combination of time-honored craftsmanship, hilltop walks and idyllic towns. Although it is relatively small, Central Black Forest packs in so many museums, heritage sites and hiking trails that you never need to leave the region during your visit to southwestern Germany.

Start your exploration in the Black Forest Open Air Museum. Here, centuries of culture are preserved in a series of farmhouses and cottages that show how local families and communities used to live. Watch costumed actors, often wearing the bobble-covered Bollenhut hat, demonstrate traditional handicrafts.

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Travel the length of Salt Spring Island and find woodland walks, picturesque beaches and thrilling adventure sports options.

Life moves at a different pace on Salt Spring Island. The forested landmass just off the coast of Victoria Island demands that you slow down to appreciate its beauty. Boutique shops and bustling markets dominate the towns, while the wilderness hides wildlife and walking trails. Escape from the bustle of everyday life and embrace the sense of peacefulness that characterizes this idyllic destination.

Step into the venerable halls of the Bittancourt House Museum. This fascinating 19th-century house documents the farming history of the island. See a large-scale model of the HMS Ganges, a military ship that sailed the Pacific during the 1850s.

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Explore dreamlike landscapes of untamed wilderness and crystalline waters at the very southern tip of the Americas.

Chile’s south is a complete contradiction of the country’s arid, sun-scorched north. Lush vegetation, lakes and waterfalls give way to glacial fjords and barren seascapes. Conquer mountains and kayak on the lakes of Los Lagos and find excellent fly fishing spots on the Baker River.

Overlooked by the Calbuco Volcano, the bustling port city of Puerto Montt is known for its fresh fish and open-air markets. The city serves as a gateway to the surrounding region. Join a local cruise to the Aysén and Magallanes fjords to the south and explore national parks with hot springs set amid the fjords and forests.

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