Photo Xpeditions: Hidden Myanmar Photographic Travel Itinerary

Travel and photography go together like steak and frites. But how can you get more out of your travelling snaps?

That’s the question one of our clients, PhotoXpeditions, is helping to answer. Through a range of photographic workshops, PhotoXpeditions takes participants on exciting travel adventures to such far-flung destinations as Andalusia and Peru – and all to practice their photography skills. During their travels, they are accompanied by a pro photographer who shares the tricks of the trade and offers advice on how to capture that perfect image.

Recently, we at World Words have been busy writing engaging photography-focused travel itineraries that reveal the details of PhotoXpeditions fantastic workshops. In the past, we’ve worked our magic on tailor-made photo tours through Northern Spain, such as this ‘On the Footsteps of St. James’ itinerary, but most recently we have turned our attention to Asia, helping to pen engaging travel itineraries for the likes of Myanmar and Japan.

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This particular itinerary focuses on an upcoming photography workshop in Myanmar that is led by renowned photographer Geoffrey Hiller and coves such photogenic locations such as beguiling Yangon, the Mon capital Mawlamyine and the spectacular Golden Rock pagoda.

Fancy discovering the photographic delights of hidden Myanmar? Here’s an excerpt from our travel itinerary…

Myanmar is a country on the cusp of change. Still suffering the consequences of decades of stagnation under military rule, but also feeling the impact its recent “opening up,” it is currently at a crossroads. Having been closed off to the West and isolated from global influences for so long, it can sometimes feel like it’s stuck in a time warp. Unlike many of its Southeast Asian neighbors, rendered near unrecognizable by rapid development and tourism, Myanmar remains an untapped gem, with a strong cultural identity relatively undiluted by outsiders.

Often referred to as the Golden Land, this undiscovered country holds many unexpected surprises. There are vast but largely unheard of temple ruins that rival those of the world’s most famous forgotten cities. There is lush jungle, monasteries, snow-capped mountains, idyllic beaches and vibrant cities that hold treasures from ancient civilizations, as well as evidence of more chaotic recent development. It is rich in desirable resources, with oil, gas, minerals, precious stones and rare timbers, yet its real treasure is undoubtedly its people. With more than 130 distinct ethnic groups, Myanmar’s culture is diverse, but kindness and hospitality are commonplace. Wherever you go, you’ll usually be met with a warm smile.

About the workshop
On this 12-day photographic workshop, you’ll be spoiled with a myriad of photo opportunities to practice and nurture your craft. It will take place under the guidance of Geoffrey Hiller, a seasoned photographer who has been published in the likes of Geo, Newsweek and the New York Times Magazine. Hiller has been capturing images of Burma since 1987, and has returned to shoot this beautiful country many times over the following years.

Through his lens, he has witnessed Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, change and grow, and has observed the impact of the historic opening up in 2011. With Hiller at the helm, leading and escorting you through the process, you’ll get to explore this fascinating country and observe — and even attempt to capture — its beauty, as well as its contradictions and contrasts.

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Photography workshop
Every day in Myanmar, you’ll wake up early and set off in small groups of two or three to explore and shoot. Under guidance from Geoffrey Hiller, you’ll discover intriguing new perspectives of the city and its people. You’ll be sent on challenging assignments and will receive practical, hands-on instruction. Linger at picturesque and interesting locations, and attempt to capture their essence in photographs.

Whether you’re snapping pictures of the local crimson-robed monks, intimate portraits of children with their faces painted in thanaka (a yellowish tree bark paste often used as sun protection) or the ancient Shwedagon Pagoda, you’ll learn how to make compelling and memorable images — skills that you can put to use to document your travels or even to help you build a professional portfolio.

If this excerpt has tickled your fancy and you would like to read the full itinerary, do so by clicking here. To see more work from our expert travel writers, check out our latest projects, where you’ll find travel articles, travel itineraries and travel guides – or follow us on Twitter for all our latest news and travel writing advice.

Images by Geoffrey Hiller

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