Google’s New Digital Garage Highlights Why Pro Travel Content Writing is Vital

Back in March this year, Google premiered an ambitious new project called The Digital Garage. Billed as ‘a growth engine for digital skills’, The Digital Garage is designed to help British and European businesses grow their online presence by offering tutorials on a wide variety of digital marketing skills. They cover everything from web content to social media to search marketing, affording travel companies helpful insight into cementing an online presence.

Start working your way through the tutorials, and you’ll find something else becomes abundantly clear. That, for all these different forms of digital marketing, their success mainly depends on the quality of the written travel content.


Just take a look yourself. If you want to improve your travel company website so that it appears higher in organic search engine ranking, you must improve the quality, relevance and optimisation of your written travel content. If you want to improve your social media marketing to increase the clicks-through to your website, you will need to improve the focus and effect of your written posts and Tweets. If you want to spend some money on pay-per-click advertising for your travel website, you will need to ensure that your ad gets across your message, speaks to your audience and entices them to click; all within a handful of words. You’ll need an experienced travel content writer.

The list goes on. Want to improve your travel blogs? Want to start sending out email newsletters? Want individual service/product pages? The answer for each and every one is to produce high quality, highly effect written travel content that speaks to your potential audience. And nobody can match the vast travel content writing knowledge and experience of World Words. After all, travel content writing is what we do. It’s all we do. And we do it brilliantly.

So if you are looking to implement any of the digital marketing techniques you’ve discovered through The Digital Garage, why not drop us a line. From travel web copy and blogs to press releases and social media, we can help you with all your travel content writing needs. Just take a look at the work we’ve done for other travel companies.

Go on… get in touch with World Words for a quote today. Or come to say hello to our friendly team on Twitter.

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