A Warm Welcome to the World Words Team – Melissa, Staff Content Writer

This week, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest member of the World Words team – Melissa.

Melissa will be joining our Edinburgh office as a staff travel content writer, so you can expect to hear a whole lot more from her here on the World Words site, whether it’s writing on the blog or contributing to our client projects.

Let’s find out a little more about her…

Melissa grew up in Edinburgh but absconded to the lovely St Andrews for four years to study social anthropology. Despite falling hard for her adopted town (a place she says “remains one of my favourite places in the world due to its mix of the offbeat and the historical; foam fights in its ancient quad every November, for instance”), the siren call of Edinburgh proved hard to resist and she returned to complete a masters in Journalism at Napier University.

Melissa is incredibly passionate about all things travel and culture-related, so she loves to write about these topics for a plethora of publications. Her writing to date has appeared in The List, The Herald, WOW247 and Newsbase.

She is also – as we expect from all writers at World Words – well travelled. She’s been everywhere from Maine to Morocco, but it’s Spanish and Hispanic cultures that have the strongest pull. So much so, she has been learning ‘Un poco de Español’ for the past two years and has been putting her Spanish to practice while travelling in Spain and South America. She is especially smitten with Cusco and Barcelona, with both listed as favourite destinations. “You can go for a casual stroll in Cusco and discover ancient ruins unearthed by roadworks, and the street lights turn into a golden, El Dorado-like maze at night. And I could spend all day around Montjuic mountain in Barcelona, exploring the Civil War past of the castle, having a dip in the Olympic swimming pool overlooking the city and a quiet wander through the architecture of its cliff-face cemetery.” Next up on her travel list? Mexico and Colombia.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to hear a lot more from Melissa, both on our agency blog and in our latest projects. As our new staff content writer, she will be spending her days penning all kinds of travel content, from magazine feature articles and in-depth destination guides to inspirational blog posts and SEO-savvy web copy. You may even find her posting away on Twitter… so do come and join us in welcoming Melissa to World Words.

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