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We hate to begin with bad news, but there’s no avoiding it: summer is almost over. However, rather than dwelling on the negatives (bye bye sunshine, sandals and copious amounts of ice cream), let’s all focus on the positives.

Autumn is approaching and there are lots of exciting things on the horizon. If you are based in the UK, you can expect a flurry of festivals coming your way, including the UK-wide Museums at Night and London Open House. Not familiar with these events? You can find out more by reading our write-ups of previous editions below. There are also rumours of an autumn heatwave arriving on UK shores. And though we have learnt not to put too much faith in the predictions of the Met Office, we have included our article on Devon’s top picnic spots just in case.

And that’s just the start…


Of course, September is also back-to-school time, which means – even for those of us whose school days are long gone – waving goodbye to those lazy summer days and getting our brains and bodies back in gear. For anyone in search of fitness inspiration, we’ve included an article we penned on picturesque marathons, among them the wonderful Wineglass Marathon, whose route leads through upstate New York’s glorious fall foliage. And for those after an amazing autumn city break, there’s a guide we wrote on Vienna, Austria for TravelSupermarket.

So without further ado, here’s a selection of our best autumn-themed travel content.

Museums at Night: London’s After-Dark Exhibitions
As the popular Night at the Museum movies attest, there’s something that just sparks the imagination when we think about what happens to exhibitions after the tourists leave, the doors close and the lights go out. The fact is, museums do take on totally different atmosphere after dark. It’s one evening a year when the UK’s best…
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Unlocking London
Curiosity is part of the human condition. So it’s little surprise that Open House London – an initiative that sees hundreds of buildings in the city that are normally off-limits fling open their doors to the public for free – has taken off. The architecturally curious came out en masse for the 2015 Open House event…
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TravelSupermarket Guide to Vienna, Austria
ven Viennese horses go dancing, in a city where the Winter Ball Season lasts for months. And, if that’s not your thing, just swap the Blue Danube for the real Danube and paint the town red on Donaukanal, a former arm of the famous river which is lined with bars, clubs and restaurants…
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Baskets at the Ready: Devon’s Top Picnic Spots
In life, there are what we call ‘simple pleasures’ – things that cost next to nothing, but whose satisfying effects can turn an average day into a great one. Like the feeling of being warm and cosy inside as the rain patters on the roof or the smell of freshly laundered sheets, for example. But few simple pleasures compare with a picnic…
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Seven International Marathons Worth Traveling To
Held in upstate New York, this marathon is a real looker. It takes place during fall (Oct. 4, 2015), and the route runs through the gorgeous Finger Lakes wine district, which means entrants are treated to inspiring scenes of fall foliage. Wineglass also has appeal for runners looking to meet qualifying limits, as 2014 champion…
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Want more autumn-themed blogs and articles? You can expect to see even more seasonal content cropping up on World Words’ blog, as well as in our latest writing projects and on our Twitter feed in the coming weeks.

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