From Venice to the Amalfi Coast: A Host of Italian Blog Posts for City Wonders

At World Words, we’re big fans of Italy. All those ancient ruins, historic landmarks and cultural riches, that glorious art and architecture, fabulous fashion and family-focused culture. Not to mention the extraordinary landscapes, sunny summer weather and ski-friendly snow in winter. And of course, the superb food and wine. So when one of our clients, City Wonders, asked us to write a series of posts about Italy for their blog, we jumped at the chance.

With locations ranging from historic Venice in the north of the country to the spectacular southerly Amalfi Coast, with a whole host of memorable and iconic stops in between, we found ourselves tackling topics ranging from films to food to family travel. Simply scroll down to read a selection of our Italy-focused blogs for City Wonders.


Best Towns on the Amalfi Coast
A slithering stretch of cliff-edged coastline wedged between forested hillsides and sapphire blue seas, the Amalfi Coast is much fawned-over. Not only does it send travelers weak at the knees, but it has also been given the coveted UNESCO stamp of approval, with the UN agency declaring it “an outstanding example of the Mediterranean landscape.” Nature has been undoubtedly generous to this sliver of southern Italy…

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Discover the 5 Best Day Trips from Naples
Vibrant. Bustling. Chaotic. Exuberant. These are words you’ll frequently see used in descriptions of Naples, Southern Italy’s biggest and brashest metropolis. This is a city that rewards curious and hungry travelers, the inquisitive and the intrepid, with a take on Italy that they can’t get anywhere else. After a few days of tramping along the narrow old lanes of its ancient core, soaking up the street life, hopping between…

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The Foodies Guide to Florence
Florence may have a reputation for being an exquisite repository of priceless art, but as hungry travelers already know, this Tuscan city is just as pleasing to the stomach as it is to the eyes! Though Florence may scream chic and upmarket these days, the city actually has humbler origins that go hand in hand with its famous nobility and most of its most popular dishes have been built around easy-to-find, rustic ingredients that are sourced….

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Where to Eat in Rome with the Family
As any parent will attest, the experience of eating out while on vacation changes dramatically once you bring a pint-sized person to the table. No longer is a meal out a leisurely, indulgent affair involving copious wine, plenteous plates and civilized conversation. With younger diners in the mix, a meal out is a lot more likely to involve some spills and – worst of all – dirty looks from judgmental diners on neighboring tables…

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Discover Venice’s Incredible Film History
Founded in 1932, the Venice Film Festival is the oldest in the world. Though it has always been prestigious, in recent years, it has increased its standing among the other film festival heavy hitters by premiering a number of high-profile Hollywood films, including Gravity, Birdman, Spotlight and La La Land, all of which went on to be big Oscar winners. Not only is the Venice Film Festival one of the most important in the calendar…

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You can read the full text of all these blog posts, plus lots of others, on City Wonders blog. To keep up with World Words’ latest news and newest content, follow us on Twitter, where we share travel-themed tidbits. 

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