From Czechia to Latvia: Our Destination Guides for The Council of Europe (pt. 1)

One of the most common content writing requests we get is for destination travel guides. Over the years we have written guides for everyone from TravelSupermarket to Fodor’s Travel. And thanks to our large network of expert travel writers based all over the world, we’re regularly asked by clients to write about their neck of the woods too.

That’s what happened earlier this summer, when we were approached by the Council of Europe, an organisation committed to upholding human rights and democracy throughout the continent. They were looking to launch an online trip planner within Europe, and were looking for writers to help. The project, which was a joint venture with the European Union, was to be called Routes4U. It would focus on destinations throughout the continent, divided into four macro-regions, and we were tasked with writing guides for 11 of the countries. Each guide would feature a country overview, practical travel information, individual city guides with points of interest, and pithy summaries of the cross-continental travel routes they wanted to promote in the region. Naturally, we were delighted to help.

Scroll on down to read snippets from six of the country guides we contributed to the project. The remainder will follow in another blog very soon. Can’t wait that long? Then visit the website to see all the guides in one place…

With the medieval highlights of Prague at its core, the Czech Republic enchants tourists across the globe. The country’s sweeping countryside hosts castles, chateaux and Gothic ruins, with rivers meandering throughout. While the nation zooms into the future, forward-thinking locals still uphold rich folklore and tradition through festivals, music and dance. World-renowned brews are another star attraction, which the Czechs have been famous for producing since the invention of Pilsner Urquell…Click here to continue reading

With Germany to the south and Sweden to the east, Denmark is often overshadowed by its larger neighbours. And yet it is a country with enormous appeal to tourists, especially those chasing the concept of “hygge” (cosiness and a safe, relaxed atmosphere) which is at the centre of much of the contemporary culture. Windswept beaches, largely flat countryside dotted with fairy tale-style castles, and small cities with excellent transport and cycling provisions make this a country with generous amounts of both charm and practicality… | Keep reading

Historic attractions abound in Estonia, from medieval castles out in the middle of nowhere to graceful town centres lined with buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. While tourists often visit Estonia in search of the quaint, traditional image promoted on the international stage – where peasant customs are kept alive – Estonia’s urban population is extremely forward-looking and tech is highly important here. On Estonia’s two cultural routes, you can venture back hundreds of years to the Hanseatic period, or discover a mix of old and new design in the country’s atmospheric cemeteries… | Keep reading

Depending on the time of year and the locations they choose, visitors to Finland might find themselves taking part in activities as varied as tracking elk and bear deep in a snow-dusted forest or watching an up-and-coming band play live in a cool Helsinki bar. Finland is the country of lakeside saunas in the middle of nowhere; ice fishing and snowshoeing; vast national parks criss-crossed by hiking trails and dotted with bodies of water; and Lapland, the official home of Santa Claus. But it also has a cutting-edge cultural life that puts it at the forefront of the culinary, music and design scenes in Europe… | Keep reading

Landlocked Hungary is bordered by seven countries, and has sat at the crossroads of Middle Europe for centuries. Yet it exudes a very unique character. Proud Magyar residents, and a history filled with Romans, Ottomans and Habsburgs, have carved out a landscape filled with profound architectural marvels. From the capital, Budapest, to cities and towns across the country, visitors will discover churches and cathedrals, Roman ruins, and architecture spanning Neoclassical to Baroque and Art Nouveau styles… | Keep reading

With its Baltic coastline and vast expanses of woodlands, wilderness and water, Latvia is a small country blessed with more than its fair share of natural charms. Its cities are mostly compact, with the capital, Riga, the largest and most cosmopolitan. Its historic buildings and exuberant nightlife makes it a very popular choice with European holidaymakers looking for a place to spend a long weekend. Beyond the boundaries of the capital, the rural areas provide plenty of opportunity for outdoorsy activities, from hiking and cycling to wild swimming… | Keep reading

Looking for more Euro guides? Keep an eye out for a second blog with the rest of our Routes4U destinations. It will be published soon. And if you want to keep up with all our latest projects, you can follow us on Twitter.

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