A Dream Amid Sea and Sky – Our Web Copy for Hotel Villa Franca in Positano, Italy

“Perfectly situated on a hill between the craggy cliff tops and the glinting Mediterranean Sea, Hotel Villa Franca is romantic Italy at its most ravishing. With the picturesque cobbled piazzas of Positano and two blissful beaches just steps away, this stylish hilltop retreat offers the chance to check out from reality and absorb the glamor and gorgeousness of the ever-enchanting Amalfi Coast. A cool calm envelops this Italian idyll where bewitching coastal beauty dominates the window views and pines and citrus scent the air.”

So begins our web content for Hotel Villa Franca, a hotel in Positano, Italy. HVF approached us earlier this year to completely re-work their website, making the content throughout inspiring and informative. So we did. We rewrote all of the copy on the website (a total of around 5,000 words, all in US English) and then had our words translated into Italian, French and Spanish by our translation contacts. The paragraph above is the very first thing that visitors read on the homepage, but it’s just the start. We have included several content snippets from the website below…


“Whether dining on the restaurant terrace, sipping a cocktail by the rooftop pool or getting pampered in the spa, Hotel Villa Franca exudes authentic Italian elegance. Once a private residence, this boutique hotel has been artfully refashioned. Its airy and bright luxury suites draw inspiration from the surrounding environment, with locally made majolica tiles helping to incorporate a sense of spirit and place into the setting. What’s more, the depth of service offered by the staff continues to set hospitality standards for the region.” – An extract from Homepage

“Our stylish rooms and suites were designed with a minimalist-luxe approach. With their mostly white décor and abundance of natural light, these peaceful spaces will make guests feel instantly tranquil and at ease as soon as they enter. Locally made majolica tiles, bearing intricate jewel-toned patterns that borrow from the natural palette of the Amalfi Coast landscape, add accents of color and lend the rooms a real sense of place, connecting the interior space to the landscape outside.” – An extract from Rooms and Suites

“Here at Hotel Villa Franca, we know that if we want to win the hearts of our guests, we’re going to have to win over their stomachs too. Thanks to our location on the Amalfi Coast, we have got access to some of the finest, freshest Mediterranean produce on this planet, from sun-ripened oranges and zesty fresh-from-the-tree lemons to sweet clams not long from the sea. To put these wonderful ingredients to good use, we have enlisted the help of some of the best chefs in their field. These culinary experts can flawlessly balance flavors and ingredients to create the kind of dishes you dream about later.” – An extract from Dining

Read the rest of this hotel travel content on the Hotel Villa Franca website. You can also find lots of our other web content writing work on our projects page, and you can keep up to date with our endeavours on Twitter.

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