Buggl Online Travel Guidebook: The Finest Curry Houses in East London

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We’re fond of a good curry and we’ve got a soft spot for London. What we don’t like so much is that Brick Lane steals the limelight. So we thought we’d shine the spotlight on some of the other great curry houses in East London. For years, we’ve been recommending these places to friends and family, and now we’re sharing our recommendations with the world. They are all within a 10-minute walk of Brick Lane, so you can easily squeeze in a stroll down the famous strip, before heading to one of these for a good feeding — just mind you don’t get pulled in by the Brick Lane hawkers offering you a free drink!

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Away From Brick Lane: The Best Curry Houses in East London
Although Brick Lane is famous for its curries, it’s not the only hotspot in town. In fact, some of the best curries are found away from the strip. Brick Lane is synonymous with curry, but with so many near-identical restaurants on one stretch, it can be impossible to tell the good from the bad. What’s more, the heavy rate of footfall on ‘curry mile’ means that the bad survives along with the good. My advice is, get off the beaten curry path, and try some of these cafes and restaurants, none of which are more than a 10-minute walk away from Brick Lane.

Frequently named one of the best Indians in town, Tayyabs is, unfortunately, no secret. Patient diners, both with and without reservations, are required to queue, while service is fast-paced and gruff. Fantastic dishes including sizzling hot, spice-rubbed lamb chops, dry meat (full-flavored and tender slow-cooked beef with garlic, chili and turmeric) and tinda masala (pumpkin curry). As an added bonus, it’s BYOB.

Lahore Kebab House
This no-frills curry house may look a bit like a school cafeteria, but it’s among the best in London. Its irresistible tandoori-style grilled meats rival those in nearby Tayyabs. For next to nothing, you can eat your way through an array of tasty grilled meats, curries, fluffy naan and rice. It’s also BYOB.

Needoo Grill
Up there with Whitechapel’s finest curry houses, Needoo Grill is on par with neighboring Tayyabs and Lahore. It serves authentic Punjabi cuisine in a buzzing, neon-lit interior. If you can’t get into Tayyabs, try coming here — it’s usually marginally easier to nab a table. Needoo Grill is also BYOB.

Trendier than your average Brick Lane joint, Dishoom bills itself as a Bombay Café rather than a curry house. What’s the difference? The dining room has been subject to hip styling — think vaguely Indian trinkets and Persian brick-a-brack — and the menu has also been dramatically widened to include Indian-fusion small plates and snacks. Authentic? No. Delicious? Absolutely.

The Empress
This longstanding curry house has been doling out traditional Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine since 1993. It never draws in the same numbers as its perma-packed Whitechapel brethren, but it has built up quite the loyal following. For good reason too. The fresh and tasty food combined with helpful service make it an understated winner.

Cinnamon Kitchen
Chic and stylish, the hip Cinnamon Kitchen serves up modern, refined Indian cuisine in an expansive space. Mains hit a slightly higher price point (between £12.50 – £32.00 at dinner), but the cooking is both innovative and sophisticated. The adjoining Anise cocktail bar is perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail.

Meraz Café
Just a stone’s throw from the main Brick Lane thoroughfare, you’ll find this cheap and satisfying Indian café. The spare interior may not promise much, but the food — a blend of classic Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani dishes — certainly delivers. It is also BYOB.

Do you have any more curry recommendations for us? Let us know where you love to eat on Twitter. There will be more Buggl guidebooks to come from World Words; keep an eye out for them in our latest projects.

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