New York City

USA: 14-Day Performing Arts Tour

A travel itinerary for Educational Journeys, April 2021
"New York and Los Angeles are the beating hearts of America’s film and theatre scene. This epic tour takes acting and dance students behind the scenes to try immersive workshops..."

Holidays in New York, USA

A destination guide for Loveholidays, March 2021
"There is always something going on in New York. From dawn to dusk the city’s yellow cabs zip between skyscrapers as boats ply the harbour under the watchful gaze of Lady Liberty..."

The Latest Spa Wellness Trend? Salt Rooms

A blog post for From the Grapevine, April 2017
"It's been around since the time of the Romans, but in recent years the salt therapy trend has gone global. You'll find it used to treat everything from allergies to asthma, colds to eczema..."

Eran Chen: Changing New York City’s Streetscape

A blog post for From the Grapevine, October 2016
"Among the more humdrum apartment blocks and complexes of NYC, Eran Chen's residential structures stand out, challenging the idea that city living means compromising quality of life..."

The Best Busking Cities Around the Globe

A blog post for From the Grapevine, September 2016
"Good buskers have the power to stop busy passers-by in their tracks, making them take an impromptu time-out from their daily routine and even convince them to cough up their cash..."

10 Travel Instagram Accounts to Fuel Your Appetite

A blog post for From the Grapevine, April 2016
"Whether you’re after the latest dining hotspots in your hometown or are planning a foodie trip to some far-flung city, these culinary-minded Instagrammers provide great inspiration..."

Alice Sachs Zimet: Stradding Arts and Business

An article for Private Air New York (Fall Issue), December 2015
"Alice likes to get in early. Not only did she begin building a collection when the photography market was nascent, she also pioneered the first sponsorship program at Chase Manhattan..."

Three Restaurants With Only One Item On the Menu

A blog post for From the Grapevine, November 2015
"From grilled cheese to peanut butter, restaurants with variations on a single dish are now big hits worldwide. Novel byproducts of an overcrowded restaurant scene, or something more?..."

Collecting Photography: A Gallerist’s Perspective

An article for Private Air Magazine, November 2015
"For Howard Greenberg, the owner of the eponymous photography gallery in Manhattan, the collector’s gene manifested itself early via childhood baseball cards, coins and bottle caps..."

Five Fantastic Urban Cycling Events

A blog post for From the Grapevine, October 2015
"Love a bike-centric event where you can celebrate cycling with like-minded pedallers? Then oil your gears, pack up your tire repair kit and roll on down to one of these urban bike fests..."

The Best Museum Exhibits for Movie Buffs

A blog post for From the Grapevine, September 2015
"In museums worldwide, display cabinets are filled with costumes and cameras, makeup and memorabilia, posters and puppets; movie-themed exhibitions sure to intrigue any cinephile..."

Artsy and Affordable: The Boutique Hostel Boom

A blog post for From the Grapevine, June 2015
"What springs to mind when you think of a hostel? Creaky beds, a loose interpretation of the health code and random roomies with no volume control? Those old rules no longer apply..."

Urban Artists Salute Their Cities’ Architecture

A blog post for From the Grapevine, April 2015
"In big cities, the little details often get lost in the bustle. But for the searching eye of an artist, compelling architectural flourishes prove difficult to ignore. In fact, they're being celebrated..."

Fabien Cousteau: Into the Deep

An article for Private Air New York (Spring Issue), April 2015
""The biggest hardship of scuba diving is the time you realize you have to go back up to the surface" says Fabien Cousteau, grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau..."

Seven of the Best International Marathons

A blog post for From the Grapevine, March 2015
"After months of training, running an uninspired course can be anticlimactic. Marathons further afield may offer the stunning scenery, lively spirit and engaging history to spur you forward..."

A Travel Start-Up That Helps You Give Back

A blog post for From the Grapevine, February 2015
"As travellers grow weary of run-of-the-mill Disney jaunts and cookie-cutter resort getaways, they now strive to travel in a way that is more responsible and, ultimately, more rewarding..."

Sirio Maccioni: A Culinary Legend

An article for Private Air New York (Winter Issue), December 2014
"It is Maccioni’s flagship in New York, designed by his long time collaborator Adam Tihany, that captures Maccioni’s glittering career trajectory since he broke out on his own in 1974..."

Discovering the Mandarin Oriental, New York

An article for Private Air New York (Winter Issue), December 2014
"A weekend of decadence begins at the 35th floor lobby of the Mandarin Oriental. On order: Ambiance that is breathtaking, sumptuous, stylish and relaxing; and spectacular city views..."

Why You Should Invest in New Artists

An article for Private Air Magazine, May 2014
"Canny investors are making fortunes from new interest in modern art. Three Richter paintings were bought in 2001 for $3.4 million - two recently sold for $34.2 million and $20.8 million..."

The Purple Passport: A Guide to the High Life

An article for Private Air Magazine, January 2014
"Founded in 2010 by two intrepid New Yorkers, TPP provides bright and smart online guides – and occasional e-books – to the crème de la crème of decadent global city destinations..."

35XV: Sharp and Sleek High-Rise Living

An article for Private Air Magazine, July 2013
"35XV is a sexy, new 55-unit condominium building that promises to become not a landmark, but a ‘skymark,’ with an angular construction reminiscent of a fashion model’s cheekbones..."