The Fabulous Fashions of Myanmar Women

A blog post for, March 2013
"Myanmar is home to some of the world’s most beautiful women, and every ethnic group in the country has its own idiosyncratic styles and its individual methods of presenting itself..."

Must Be Kachin: Truly Original Burmese People

A blog post for MyanmarBurma,com, February 2013
"Being yourself and standing up for your rights isn’t always easy. The Kachins are determined to hold onto an individuality that has captivated and inspired many in Myanmar and beyond..."

Are You Sure You Want to Wear That Longyi?

A blog post for, February 2013
"It’s the tourists who try to blend in who end up being the most conspicuous. Case in point: a Western man wearing a Burmese longyi (a sheet of cotton wrapped around the lower half)..."

Chin Women Are Proud of their Tattooed Faces

A blog post for, February 2013
"Burmese women do some implausible things to their bodies, and those from Chin province up in the northwest have a unusual method of beautification. They tattoo their entire faces..."

Karen: Meet These Marvelous Myanmars

A blog post for, February 2013
"Ties between the Karen people and Westerners, especially the British, have been strong, if complicated. But now the West is sitting up, noticing and admiring this amazing community..."

How to Blend in with the Palaung

A blog post for, February 2013
"Women will have a ball dressing up. Traditional female attire for the Palaung people means bright, brash and beautiful, all accessorized with bamboo hoops and thick aluminum belts..."

Giraffe Women: Kooky Custom or Human Zoo?

A blog post for, February 2013
"Let's dispel a long-established myth immediately - the woman in this picture does not have an elongated neck. In fact, the brass coils on her neck are pushing down her collarbones..."

Is Thanaka the Coolest Cosmetic?

A blog post for, February 2013
"Thanaka is a multi-purpose cosmetic, serving as a sun protector, an anti-acne agent and a moisturizer. No wonder women apply the paste so thickly to their cheeks and foreheads..."