March 2015

Five Global Cookbooks to Look For in 2015

A blog post for From the Grapevine, March 2015
"Informative and creative cookbooks are opening up the world of possibilities, shedding light upon the aromas, flavours and cultural significance of far-flung foods. Here are our top five..."

Tuscany Escapes: An Introduction

Website copy for Tuscany Escapes, March 2015
"There are legions of other alluring Tuscan towns, hilltop hamlets, coast-hugging villages and rural estates to be explored and experienced, each with its own unique identity and flavour..."

On the Brewery Trail in Devon and Cornwall

A blog post for Discovery Holiday Homes, March 2015
"Devon and Cornwall - traditional heartlands of cider production - are experiencing a brewery boom, so beer-loving holidaymakers here should expect to sample pint after flavourful pint..."

Legendary Japan: A Photographic Journey

A tour itinerary for Photo Xpeditions, March 2015
"Japan is a country where the traditional and the modern collide; where age-old customs and rituals cling on while the thrust of modernity hurtles ahead through neon-lit, concrete cities..."

Kelly Ying: A New Force in the Art World

An article for Private Air Magazine, March 2015
"In the past, Western art was typically the preserve of wealthy Europeans and Americans. But today, young Chinese collectors are emerging to make their influences felt in the art realm..."

Seven of the Best International Marathons

A blog post for From the Grapevine, March 2015
"After months of training, running an uninspired course can be anticlimactic. Marathons further afield may offer the stunning scenery, lively spirit and engaging history to spur you forward..."

Kilkenny City Vacation Guide

A city guide for Expedia, March 2015
"Kilkenny is known as the creative heart of Ireland. The small city is more than 400 years old, but today visitors will find a lively town with a reputation as a centre for culture and the arts..."