January 2013

A Cut Above at London’s Shard

An article for Private Air Magazine, January 2013
“It has been gradually slicing its way up London’s skyline for more than three years now, and The Shard - Renzo Piano's jagged glass monolith - finally welcomes its first tenants in 2013…”

Jordan’s Luxury Oases in the Desert

An article for Vertu Select, January 2013
"It was 200 years ago that explorer Johann Burckhardt discovered Petra. While trekking the desert between Syria and Egypt, he heard tales of an ancient city carved from sandstone..."

Bordeaux to Toulouse Cycle Tour

A cycling tour itinerary for Cyclomundo, January 2013
“There is no greater way to get to the heart of southern France than to cycle through its heart. Begin in the wine-growing town of Bordeaux and end in the cultural metropolis of Toulouse..."

Peru-Bolivia-Chile Tour Itinerary

A tour itinerary for Viventura, January 2013
"Spanning Peru, Bolivia and Chile, the Altiplano region features some of the most spectacular scenery in South America: thermal geysers, tall mountains, and the largest salt flat on earth..."

The Circle: A New Form of Airport Architecture

An article for Private Air Magazine, January 2013
"Architect Riken Yamamoto believes airports should not merely be transport hubs, but multi-purpose centers for the world to share. And he's showing the way with The Circle in Zurich..."

Britain’s Exclusive Beach Hut Boom

An article for Private Air Magazine, January 2013
“It seems like a bargain: £245,000 for a historic home that offers unrivaled views of the Devon coast. Yet this property measures just 23 by six feet. It's Britain's most expensive beach hut..."

Introductory Walk of Prague

An audio walking tour for Prague Tourism, January 2013
“One of the first things you’ll notice about Wenceslas Square is that it isn’t much of a square at all - it is more like a long boulevard. In fact, the square only earned its current name in 1848..."

Albania: The Foreign Investment of the Decade?

An article for Private Air Magazine, January 2013
"Sunlight creeps into the cracks between the wooden stalls, and the Old Bazaar stirs into life. Shutters are slid open, shelves are straightened and scarves are suspended from ceilings..."

Russia’s Growing Luxury Car Market

An article for Vertu Select, January 2013
“Europe may be in the midst of its worse economic downturn in a century, but in Moscow you would be hard-pressed to notice. There have never been more luxe cars on Russian roads…”

Waking Up in Sitka, Alaska

A brochure introduction for Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau, January 2013
"It's early morning and the sea is silent. Rolling fog wraps itself round the distant white-tipped volcanic peak; bald eagles swoop down on early-rising anglers in search of the first catch..."