Budapest’s Quirkiest Ruin Bars

A blog post for Conversational Traveler, June 2022
"Urban decay need not be depressing. In fact, in Budapest, urban decay comes with a whole heap of charm and character, as the city's ruin bars rise to the ranks of must-see attractions..."

European and Worldwide Brochure 2020

Catalogue content and itineraries for Travelsphere, November 2019
"Round off your holiday with an included excursion to 'The Sound of Music' mecca Salzburg, one of Europe's best preserved historic cities, and hardly changed since the days of Mozart..."

Hungary: A Landscape Shaped by an Epic Past

A destination guide for the Council of Europe, September 2019
"Hungary exudes a very unique character, with proud Magyar residents and a history filled with Romans, Ottomans and Habsburgs helping to carve out a land of architectural marvels..."

TravelSupermarket Guide to Budapest, Hungary

A destination guide for TravelSupermarket, October 2017
"With a treasure trove of architectural styles, ornate spas powered by natural hot springs and a dining scene that majors in delicious wines and hearty food, Budapest is high on romance..."

Budapest Castle District Walk

An audio guided tour for Cities Talking, June 2013
"Welcome to the beautiful city of Budapest. Or, more specifically, Buda, as you now stand on the west bank of the river Danube. Look east, over the fine Chain Bridge, and there's Pest…”

Eastern Europe’s Gastronomic Renaissance

An article for Vertu Select, April 2013
"Eastern Europe may have established a reputation for hearty, rather than haute, cuisine, but now things are changing. There's a culinary revolution afoot in this corner of the continent..."