February 2016

Immersive Accommodation for Adventure Travelers

A blog post for From the Grapevine, February 2016
"Leave your comfort zone and high-thread-count sheets behind to experience an Amazonian lodge, a real Bedouin hut or another of these culturally-immersive accommodation options..."

Want to Write Great Hotel Content? Be Specific

Travel content writing advice for Tnooz, February 2016
"Guests browsing your hotel website are not looking for vague promises of ‘paradise’, ‘luxury’ and ‘something for everyone’; they want specific details about what it is you can offer them..."

Oliver’s Travels Guide to the Algarve, Portugal

A destination guide for Oliver's Travels, February 2016
"Away from those high-rise resorts is a natural, unspoiled coastline; wide sandy stretches and rocky coves, edged by clear-as-glass sea one side and distinctive red-hued cliffs the other..."

Why Hotels Should Keep on Blogging

Travel content writing advice for Hotel Speak, February 2016
"If you are in the hotel business, chances are you'll have countless interesting tales to tell and titbits to share. But with no blog to divulge your expertise, it is doomed to go unrecognised..."

Five Lifesaving On-the-Road Technologies

A blog post for From the Grapevine, February 2016
"Money-saving and productivity apps may be life-changing, but the vital apps on this list go a step further, helping avert danger and proving their worth in real-life emergency situations..."