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2019-2020 Travel Catalogue Copy

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2019
"We will complement our time on the Serengeti with an island adventure. Stroll the snaking streets of Stone Town, exploring its former Slave Market, Sultan’s Palace and Old Arab Fort..."

The Ultimate Dubai Shopping Trip

Website copy for Pantiel, January 2019
"If you'd prefer to eschew international brands in favor of local character, make your way to the atmospheric souks that are packed into the winding streets of Dubai’s historic district..."

Fodor’s Guide to Inverness and Around, Scotland

A destination guide for Fodor's Travel, May 2018
"Defined by its spectacular topography, the Great Glen brings together mountains and myths, history and wild nature, then lets you wash it all down with a dram of the world’s best whisky..."

2018-2019 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2018
"Discover lush rainforests, deserted beaches and bubbling hot springs - while also caring for injured animals at a wildlife rescue centre - on this family-friendly expedition to Costa Rica..."

Lez Go Travel Website Content

Website copy for Lez Go Travel, January 2018
"A honeymoon hideaway in the South Pacific. An under-the-radar rum bar in Bermuda. Or a cooking masterclass in Rome. Whatever it is you desire, we know exactly how to find it..."

The Latest Spa Wellness Trend? Salt Rooms

A blog post for From the Grapevine, April 2017
"It's been around since the time of the Romans, but in recent years the salt therapy trend has gone global. You'll find it used to treat everything from allergies to asthma, colds to eczema..."

2017-2018 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2017
"We know that the most memorable travel moments rarely happen on a giant tour bus. They come through experiencing a brand new place through the eyes of those who call it home..."

Monaco and the Jet-Set Lifestyle

An article for Luxe Magazine, March 2016
"Just the name of this tiny tax-free principality conjures up images of the glamorous Grimaldis, fast-living Formula 1 drivers, champagne-popping property tycoons and high-flying film stars..."

Alfredo Paramico: Collecting Time

An article for Private Air Magazine, January 2015
"For Alfredo, a great watch is more than simply a tool for measuring time; it is a accessory, a symbol of status, an artifact of history, a potential investment and even, perhaps, a legacy..."

Thrift Shopping in the East End of London

A city guide for Buggl, December 2014
"Taking up a cluttered space off Brick Lane, Absolute Vintage stocks the good alongside the bad; it's up to you to sift through to determine what’s what. Prices start low but quickly rise..."

All Things Bright and Beautiful

An article for Private Air Magazine, July 2014
"For 60 years, International Jewellery London has brought together the world’s finest jewelry designers, brands and gem suppliers under one roof. And this year new talent is emerging..."

Diamonds Are an Investor’s Best Friend

An article for Private Air Magazine, July 2014
"Sparkling diamonds are having a renaissance. It's because they are easy to transport, store and sell on, and - crucially - hold their stable value in an increasingly unpredictable market..."

A Luxury Weekend in Cambridge

An article for Private Air Magazine, May 2014
"The historic UK city of Cambridge’s riches are understated - more 'old money' than ‘nouveau riche’ - but if you know where to delve, you can have a sumptuously refined weekend here..."

Thoughtful Luxury with Oliver Burns

An article for Private Air Magazine, September 2013
"The London-based interior design and architectural firm Oliver Burns has only been around for a decade, yet the high-end company's already been captivating audiences worldwide..."

Hong Kong City Vacation Guide

A city guide for Expedia, June 2013
"Located on the edge of the South China Sea, Hong Kong is home to vibrant neighborhoods, evergreen city parks, excellent museums and some of the finest shopping on the continent..."

Louis Vuitton Finally Arrives in Poland

An article for Vertu Select, April 2013
“The world’s most valuable brand - Louis Vuitton - is to open its doors to Poland's chic elite, with its inaugural store soon opening in Warsaw. The question is: why did it take so long?…”

The Fabulous Fashions of Myanmar Women

A blog post for, March 2013
"Myanmar is home to some of the world’s most beautiful women, and every ethnic group in the country has its own idiosyncratic styles and its individual methods of presenting itself..."

Are You Sure You Want to Wear That Longyi?

A blog post for, February 2013
"It’s the tourists who try to blend in who end up being the most conspicuous. Case in point: a Western man wearing a Burmese longyi (a sheet of cotton wrapped around the lower half)..."

Chin Women Are Proud of their Tattooed Faces

A blog post for, February 2013
"Burmese women do some implausible things to their bodies, and those from Chin province up in the northwest have a unusual method of beautification. They tattoo their entire faces..."