2019-2020 Travel Catalogue Copy

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2019
"We will complement our time on the Serengeti with an island adventure. Stroll the snaking streets of Stone Town, exploring its former Slave Market, Sultan’s Palace and Old Arab Fort..."

Announcing a New Havana LGBTQ Pride Tour

A press release for Cuba VIP Travel, December 2018
"The new tour is a timely celebration of a landmark announcement from the Cuban National Assembly; they've backed a constitutional change to allow same-sex marriage within Cuba..."

Experience Cuba’s LGBTQ Pride Celebration

A tour overview and itinerary for Cuba VIP Travel, November 2018
"In between high-end dinners, glamorous parties and nights in a lavish five-star hotel, you’ll forge connections with activists striving for a brighter future for Cuba’s LGBTQ community..."

2018-2019 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2018
"Discover lush rainforests, deserted beaches and bubbling hot springs - while also caring for injured animals at a wildlife rescue centre - on this family-friendly expedition to Costa Rica..."

2017-2018 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2017
"We know that the most memorable travel moments rarely happen on a giant tour bus. They come through experiencing a brand new place through the eyes of those who call it home..."

Capturing Cuba: A Photography Workshop

A workshop tour itinerary for Photo Xpeditions, July 2016
"Cuba's cities are crammed with cobbled colonial squares and wheezing vintage cars, while its countryside is a jumble of sugar-white beaches, rugged mountains and tropical forests..."

Cuba at the Crossroads: A Photo Workshop

A tour itinerary for Photo Xpeditions, August 2015
"Crumbling colonial buildings, thatched fishing villages and palm-slathered peaks that sweep down to the sea: Cuba and its year-round sunshine offers a unique treat for photographers..."

Cuban Contemporary Art: A Collector’s Perspective

An article for Private Air Magazine, June 2015
"When word got out that the U.S. was restoring relations with Cuba, Howard Farber’s phone started ringing. The art world was abuzz. What would this mean for the Cuban art market?..."