Business Travel

Business Travel: Policy Dos and Don’ts

A blog post for Travel Leaders 365, October 2021
"It's tempting to cut costs by purchasing budget airlines or booking rooms in hotels that are cheaper but less convenient. However, your staff need to be well rested in order to perform..."

Business Travel: Airport Hacks to Know

A blog post for Travel Leaders 365, September 2021
"Do you have an American Express card? Well, platinum card holders can take advantage of complimentary access to exclusive business lounges at many airports all across the globe..."

Steele Away Website Content

Website copy for Steele Away, April 2019
"I eat, sleep and breathe travel, and as a long-established travel agent, I have years of wide-ranging experience in organizing all kinds of travel adventures for all kinds of customers..."

Jetsetting Website Content

Website copy for Jetsetting, March 2019
"We don't deal in carbon-copy itineraries or one-size-fits-all solutions, but instead produce carefully thought-out travel programs that are created for you and yours, not the masses..."

2019-2020 Travel Catalogue Copy

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2019
"We will complement our time on the Serengeti with an island adventure. Stroll the snaking streets of Stone Town, exploring its former Slave Market, Sultan’s Palace and Old Arab Fort..."

Traviguide Website Content

Website copy for Traviguide, December 2018
"Traviguide exists for one reason: to get you the lowest price for every hotel room you need to book, whether you are travelling for business or leisure, or organising travel for your staff..."

2018-2019 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2018
"Discover lush rainforests, deserted beaches and bubbling hot springs - while also caring for injured animals at a wildlife rescue centre - on this family-friendly expedition to Costa Rica..."

2017-2018 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2017
"We know that the most memorable travel moments rarely happen on a giant tour bus. They come through experiencing a brand new place through the eyes of those who call it home..."

Hidden Myanmar Photo Workshop

A tour itinerary for Photo Xpeditions, October 2014
"Yangon straddles the historical divide: A smattering of concrete and glass skyscrapers has sprung up among the crumbling colonial facades and magnificent centuries-old pagodas..."

Luxe and Serenity: A First-Class Trump Pairing

An article for Private Air Magazine, May 2014
"It is hardly inconspicuous. The Trump International Tower is the tallest residential building in Las Vegas, and is encased in 24-carat gold glass. But there's more to it than a flashy facade..."

Creativity Takes Flight

An article for Private Air Magazine, September 2013
"Designers specializing in this growing market are finding new ways to merge sophistication and comfort with functionality and safety, for beautiful environments 40,000 feet in the air..."

Blending In: Thailand’s Luxury Hotel Designs

An article for Private Air Magazine, May 2013
"The sun skirts the ocean's edge. The lingering light dances upon the water's surface, from infinite sea to infinity pool, until it eventually sinks, exhausted, beyond the crystal horizon..."

China: World Leaders in Business Travel

An article for Vertu Select, April 2013
"The United States has been sitting atop the business travel market leader board for some time - but a new contender may be about to take its throne. No prizes for guessing who..."

The World’s Best Airport Architecture

An article for Private Air Magazine, March 2013
"For the majority of the 20th century, airport terminals were built for function - safe, efficient and uninspiring buildings made to deliver people from road to runway. But that's changed..."

The Call of the Cayman Islands

An article for Private Air Magazine, December 2012
"The Cayman Islands might be best known as that off-shore tax haven, but regular visitors will attest that this charming corner of the Caribbean has far more to offer than fat cat financiers..."

Shenzhen: A Better Investment Than Hong Kong?

An article for Private Air Magazine, November 2012
"For more than half a century, Hong Kong has been a great economic powerhouse. Yet today there is a significant threat to its established global position - and it's coming from next door..."

Sapsan: Russia’s Speedy Success

An article for Vertu Select, November 2012
“It one took eight hours for trains to cover the 650 kilometers from Moscow to St. Petersburg. In 2009, Vladimir Putin halved the time with the launch of a luxury high-speed train, Sapsan…”