Holidays in Dominican Republic

A destination guide for Loveholidays, April 2021
"Holidays in the Dominican Republic start with a choice between the sun-kissed beaches on the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts. You’ll find both isolated bays and luxurious resorts here..."

USA: 14-Day Performing Arts Tour

A travel itinerary for Educational Journeys, April 2021
"New York and Los Angeles are the beating hearts of America’s film and theatre scene. This epic tour takes acting and dance students behind the scenes to try immersive workshops..."

Holidays in New York

A destination guide for Loveholidays, March 2021
"There is always something going on in New York. From dawn to dusk the city’s yellow cabs zip between skyscrapers as boats ply the harbour under the watchful gaze of Lady Liberty..."

Australia: 7-Day Geography Tour

A travel itinerary for Educational Journeys, March 2021
"Students will delve deep into some of Australia’s most iconic national parks, while sharpening their bush crafts skills and enjoying memorable close encounters with saltwater crocodiles..."

Five Alternative Sights in Italy

A blog post for Just You, February 2021
"Lake Garda isn’t exactly short of breathtaking sights, yet the 13th century Scaligero Castle still stands out, sitting serenely on the edge of the lake and jutting out into its turquoise waters..."

Holidays in Thailand

A destination guide for Loveholidays, February 2021
"One of Asia’s most popular beach destinations, Thailand teems with white-sand shorelines, as well as incredible heritage sites, bustling street markets and amazing nature experiences..."

Hopping Mad About Croatia

A blog post for Just You, January 2021
"Natural beauty, epic history and gorgeous food: Croatia doesn't cut any corners. Discover the country's dizzying array of delights by taking to the sea on this island-hopping adventure..."

Holidays in Tunisia

A destination guide for Loveholidays, January 2021
"Nestled just off Tunisia's north coast, Djerba Island is a stunning spot for a beach getaway. Its idyllic sands are fringed with date palms; venture to the southeast shores for quieter coves..."