Five Spanish Cities You Must Visit

A blog post for Just You, December 2020
"A holiday in Spain doesn’t have to mean baking on the beach. Make time for these wonderful cities, packed with historical wonders, irresistible eateries and incredible cultural attractions..."

Holidays in Morocco

A destination guide for Loveholidays, December 2020
"From sweeping Saharan dunes to exotic bazaars, holidays in Morocco offer excitement for all types of traveller. Follow the trails of Berbers and discover ancient trade in magical medinas..."

Tuscany: Golden and Glorious

A blog post for Travelsphere, November 2020
"Think of this sun-drenched Italian region and you will picture rolling hills and patchwork fields hemmed in by stately cypress trees, and ivy-engulfed farmhouses swimming in golden light..."

Holidays in the Greek Islands

A destination guide for Loveholidays, November 2020
"Scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the Greek Islands deliver out-and-out holiday bliss: famous beaches, volcanic wonders, ancient ruins, foodie trails and thrilling adventures..."

Petra, Jordan: A Day in the Rose Red City

A blog post for Just You, October 2020
"It’s such a vast area that a short stroll off trodden paths can mean finding yourself alone on mountains, in canyons or even at the foot of a seemingly undiscovered Nabataean building..."

Spa Secrets: Europe’s Historic Thermal Towns

A blog post for the Council of Europe, October 2020
"Vichy might be renowned the world over for its curative waters, but the nearby ski resort of La Bourboule also has lovely hot springs that were first discovered by ancient Celtic tribes..."

A Free Tour of David Cerny’s Prague Sculptures

A blog post for Free Tours by Foot, September 2020
"When most people think of sculpture in Prague, they picture the Baroque statues of Charles Bridge. But Cerny is on a one-man mission to bring the city’s public art into the 21st century..."

Germany: The Perfect Wellness Destination

A blog post for Lux Wellness Traveller, September 2020
“With a history of spas dating back to the Romans and hundreds of health resorts located all over the country, Germany provides one of Europe’s most immersive wellness experiences..."

Australia: Where the Wild Things Are

A blog post for Travelsphere, August 2020
"If you stay patient, you might be rewarded with glimpses of spiky echidnas or bizarre duck-billed platypuses, two of Kangaroo Island's shyer residents (and both egg-laying mammals)..."

Alternative Adventures in Asia

An article for Just You Inspirations Magazine, August 2020
"Venture into the dense forests and grass plains of Nepal's Chitwan National Park and wildlife encounters come thick and fast. Keep your eyes peeled for Asian elephants and wild boar..."

Castles, Churches and Cheeses in Switzerland

A blog post for the Council of Europe, August 2020
"It’s easy to characterise Switzerland as a land of chocolate-box villages, snow-dusted peaks and chic mountain towns, but doing so overlooks the country’s complex culture and history..."

Vietnam: 12-Day Language Tour

A travel itinerary for Educational Journeys, July 2020
"Vietnam’s astounding natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and profound war history make for a truly immersive travel experience. Students will master new skills, from cooking to Tai Chi..."

10 Charming Towns in Northern Italy

A blog post for Lux Wellness Traveller, July 2020
“From the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the wild flower meadows of the Dolomites to the pastel-colored buildings lining the Mediterranean, Northern Italy is a truly diverse landscape..."

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

A blog post for Travelsphere, July 2020
"It's 50 years since the sixth Bond movie was released, and it remains my favourite. So when I got the chance to visit the set of the movie, perched high up in the Swiss Alps, I was thrilled..."

What (and Where) to Eat and Drink in Prague

A blog post for Kingsbridge Travel, July 2020
"A hearty, stomach-warming soup is the best thing on a cold Prague day. Kulajda is a creamy potato soup with mushrooms, dill and vinegar, topped with sour cream and a poached egg..."

Cruising… But Not As You Know It

An article for Just You Inspirations Magazine, June 2020
"European river cruises are a different way of travelling - one that's slower and more personal. They also allow access to a blend of Europe’s heavy hitters alongside lesser-known sights..."

France: 17-Day Language Tour

A travel itinerary for Educational Journeys, June 2020
"From the Provence of Van Gogh to Paris' Louvre Museum, the cultural landscape of France unfurls in a swirl of vineyards, olive groves, Renaissance cities and incredible architecture..."

India and Nepal: An Intoxicating Travel Pairing

An article for Travelsphere World Magazine, May 2020
"The intensity of urban life in Nepalese and North Indian cities can surprise even experienced travellers; parts of Kathmandu and Delhi make rush-hour London look positively peaceful..."

Ukraine: A Big Country with a Big Heart

A destination guide for the Council of Europe, May 2020
"It may be one of Europe's largest countries, but Ukraine isn't huge by landmass alone: big landscapes await travellers at every turn, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea..."

Indonesia: 13-Day Language Tour

A travel itinerary for Educational Journeys, May 2020
"Java offers adventures including traditional tea harvesting, Buddhist pilgrimage temples and Balinese cooking classes, fully immersing students in the culture and language of Indonesia..."

A Grand Tour of Asia

An article for Just You Inspirations Magazine, April 2020
"From beautiful Bengal tigers and silent Buddhist monks to scrumptious street food in night markets and fine dining in Hong Kong, Asia offers endless adventures for an extended trip..."

Canada: Go East

An article for Travelsphere World Magazine, April 2020
"As vast as it is beautiful, Canada offers gorgeous landscapes of forests, lakes and mountains. But it’s the cities of Eastern Canada, from Quebec to Ottawa, that reveal the nation's history..."

Oyikil Website Content

Website copy for Oyikil, March 2020
"Whether you are drawn to sprawling Patagonia, intrigued by the mesmerizing Iguazú Falls, or a city lover excited by the idea of Buenos Aires, Argentina has something to suit all tastes..."

Lithuania: Active Adventures and Medieval Riches

A destination guide for the Council of Europe, March 2020
"A rich seam of medieval influence runs through Lithuania’s culture, from its many dark wood carvings, to its raucous celebrations of peasant music, to its taste for beverages like mead..."

Off the Beaten Track Sicily

An article for Travelsphere World Magazine, March 2020
"From the Valley of the Temples to Neapolis Archaeological Park, Sicily’s historic heavy-hitters are well trodden. But it’s worth visiting some of the island’s more modern constructions too..."

Bold World Experiences Website Content

Website copy for Bold World Experiences, March 2020
"Whether you dream of rolling fresh pasta with an Italian nonna in Umbria, or bicycling through blooming tulip fields in the Netherlands, we are here to bring your perfect vacation to life..."

East or West: Exploring Canada

An article for Just You Inspirations Magazine, February 2020
"Canada is big. Really big. Head east to discover vibrant cities and pretty mountain towns, or go west where gargantuan glaciers and mountainous wilderness wow. The choice is yours..."

Finland: Snowscapes and Bright Lights

A destination guide for the Council of Europe, February 2020
"Visitors to Finland are just as likely to find themselves tracking elk and bear deep in a snow-dusted forest as they are to be watching an up-and-coming band play in a cool Helsinki bar...."

Strike Gold in Northern California

An article for Travelsphere World Magazine, February 2020
"Gold runs through the veins of Northern California. Venture into its wild heart to discover abounding natural beauty, vast national parks and cities steeped in gold rush history..."

Italy: Walking in Ancient Footsteps

An article for Just You Inspirations Magazine, January 2020
"From South Tyrol and the shores of Lake Garda, to the soft beauty of Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, ancient routes (once used by Romans, shepherds and pilgrims) weave through Italy..."

New Caledonia: 9-Day Language Tour

A travel itinerary for Educational Journeys, January 2020
"With swaying palms, turquoise seas, a rich cultural heritage, and French-inspired restaurants and boutiques, New Caledonian capital Noumea's like a miniature Paris in the Pacific Ocean..."

Slovakia: Historic Architecture, Natural Wonders

A destination guide for the Council of Europe, January 2020
"Slovakia packs an incredible number of cultural attractions into a relatively small region, with travellers able to see UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks, ski resorts and more..."

Once Upon A Time: Fairytale European Palaces

An article for Travelsphere World Magazine, January 2020
"Nestled in dense forest in Transylvania, the story of Bran Castle is worthy of a tale as famous as the one that draws people here. Bram Stoker's Dracula was inspired by Vlad the Impaler..."