Press Releases, Catalogues & Newsletters

European and Worldwide Brochure 2020

Catalogue content and itineraries for Travelsphere, November 2019
"Round off your holiday with an included excursion to 'The Sound of Music' mecca Salzburg, one of Europe's best preserved historic cities, and hardly changed since the days of Mozart..."

2019-2020 Travel Catalogue Copy

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2019
"We will complement our time on the Serengeti with an island adventure. Stroll the snaking streets of Stone Town, exploring its former Slave Market, Sultan’s Palace and Old Arab Fort..."

Open Your Door to Rental Success: An Owner’s Guide

Brochure copy for Discovery Holiday Homes, April 2018
"Whether your house is an investment property or simply a holiday home with the potential to pay its own way, our Devon-based experts will make sure you get the best possible returns..."

2018-2019 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2018
"Discover lush rainforests, deserted beaches and bubbling hot springs - while also caring for injured animals at a wildlife rescue centre - on this family-friendly expedition to Costa Rica..."

2017-2018 Travel Catalogue

Catalogue content and itineraries for Discover Corps, January 2017
"We know that the most memorable travel moments rarely happen on a giant tour bus. They come through experiencing a brand new place through the eyes of those who call it home..."

AlmaLusa: Designer Boutique Hotel Opens in Lisbon

A press release for Bacall Associates, June 2016
"As the debut property of AlmaLusa Hotels, this boutique 28-room hotel in the heart of Lisbon offers a smart alternative for urban travellers looking for a contemporary approach to luxury..."

A Tattoo is for Life at The Siam in Bangkok

A press release for Bacall Associates, May 2016
"A craftsman of the highest order, renowned for the amazing intricacy and beauty of his work, Arjan Boo was trained in the traditional art of Sak Yant tattoos at the Wat Bang Phra temple..."

Finolhu, Maldives: A Revival Of Classic Beach Chic

A press release for Bacall Associates, May 2016
"Taking its cue from the halcyon days of the glamorous getaway, Finolhu recalls the evocative allure of classic beach breaks with its vintage design, retro touches and laid-back ambiance..."

Celebrate Easter in Style at Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai

A press release for Bacall Associates, March 2016
"Located on the outskirts of the ancient culture-crammed city of Chiang Mai, and set amongst 60 acres of jaw-dropping tropical grounds, The Dhara Dhevi is a pocket of pure Thai luxury..."

Museums at Night: London’s After Dark Exhibitions

Newsletter content for Samsung Live, December 2015
"As the Night at the Museum films attest, there is something that sparks the imagination about what happens to exhibitions after the visitors leave, the doors are shut and the lights go out..."

Nordic Narratives at the Storytelling Centre

A press release for the Scottish Storytelling Centre, June 2015
"The Nordic House exhibition at the Storytelling Centre will include a talk by the artist Richard Demarco CBE on the importance of strong artistic links with Scotland’s northern neighbour..."

Summer Fun: Festival Season in Devon

Newsletter content for Discovery Holiday Homes, May 2015
"Summer is festival season in Devon. There is food to be eaten, beers to be imbibed and live music to be listened to - as well as a wealth of sport, literary and maritime events to attend..."

Top 10 Festive Activities in the South East

Newsletter content for Discovery Holiday Homes, November 2014
"Few things can produce that warm and fuzzy festive feeling more than ice-skating, and the Brighton Royal Pavilion is by far the prettiest ice rink in South East England this Christmas..."

Waking Up in Sitka, Alaska

A brochure introduction for Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau, January 2013
"It's early morning and the sea is silent. Rolling fog wraps itself round the distant white-tipped volcanic peak; bald eagles swoop down on early-rising anglers in search of the first catch..."