Writing Clever: How to Turn One Travel Content Theme into Many Distinct Pieces

Content marketing is not a sprint but a long-haul journey. It requires you to create consistently engaging content on an ongoing basis, which means coming up with idea after idea after idea after idea – not always an easy task.

But coming up with one idea doesn’t necessarily mean only getting one piece of written travel content. In fact, if you’re only getting a single article, blog or other piece of travel content out of each idea that springs to mind, you are wasting your time. Of course, every piece you write must be original and distinctive, but this blog will explain how a single lightbulb moment can light up a whole room full of content concepts. Scroll down for our expert tips.

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Writing Travel Content? How to Invent New Ideas and Fresh Angles Every Time

In the world of travel writing, a never-before-covered story is the holy grail. Whether you are a magazine editor looking for the next big thing in travel or a tourism brand trying to ensure your blog stands out from the crowd, you find yourself on a never-ending quest for new, original ideas. Or, at the least, a fresh take on an older story.

So how do you sniff out a good travel story? Anyone who has ever tried will testify it isn’t easy; but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We drew on the experience of our travel writing team to come up with some helpful tips.

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